Same smooth workflow, but better

SureMed now has an updated version available for General Practices using Medtech. Built with the latest technology, we’ve addressed some of the issues identified in the past, and made it easier for you to give us feedback for further enhancements.

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It has been in use by GP Practices since November 2021 and is now available for you.

Quicker to review and redact

Spend less time reviewing and curating medical information.

Reliable and secure

Fewer errors, improved support, and the latest software updates.

It's just the beginning

Provide feedback to help improve SureMed even further.

The key benefits are:

Usability improvements

  • View insurer instructions no matter which tab you are on
  • View and edit consultation notes more easily
  • Ability to manually attach PDF files
  • Ability to sort by date across different attachment types
  • Integrated feedback form so you can suggest other improvements

Reduced errors

  • Resolves most “unrecoverable” errors
  • Supports consultation notes over 5,000 characters
  • Improved error logging to help with troubleshooting unresolved issues


  • Built with the latest technology
  • Regular security reviews by an independent third party

How to get started

The installation can be done by your practice’s IT team. It takes around 10 minutes and Medtech can still operate as usual during the installation.
All they will need is our installer:

Please refer to our installation guide for further details.

Need help?

Send your questions to or call us on 0800 566 632 to book a time with our Support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SureMed Update is free for all health providers. However, you will require a small amount of time from your IT team to install it.

As with all software applications, regular updates are required for you to enjoy product enhancements, effective support, and up-to-date security.

For the most part, your SureMed experience will be the same as what you have today, but better. In rare cases, you may encounter minor changes that you are not familiar with, or come across request types that are not yet supported by this update of the software. Please let us know how to make things better by writing to us at, or by using the feedback feature embedded within the SureMed form.