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What we do

We help businesses that need to exchange data in a quick and secure way in order to deliver more value to their customers. Our particular specialty is in enabling the insurance and health sectors to work more collaboratively and ultimately offer greater experiences for their shared customers.

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Our Partners

We work closely with industry vendors to ensure a solution for our customers that fits naturally into their day-to-day work.

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Aligned with best practice

It’s really important to us that we enable the right models in the various industries our users are in. For example, in developing our approach for securely exchanging health information we engaged key stakeholders across New Zealand and Australia including the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, NZMA and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.


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Our Stats


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Over 1,000,000

Services requested through
our secure platform

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3 Days

Median health information
request turnaround time

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Over 3 Weeks

Total reduction in the average health information request turnaround time since inception

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Insurance staff purchasing services, requesting medical information and receiving electronic applications

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Advisers using our Adviser Portal for e-App, e-Consent and Track & Trace services

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GPs securely exchanging medical information through our service

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Specialists providing services and health information through our platform

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Allied Health Practitioners using our platform to do business with insurance companies

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Hospitals and District Health Boards in our network

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