Fast and secure health information exchange

Industry standard in New Zealand. Used by all major NZ Life insurers and 99.9% of NZ GPs

Get the health information you need, quickly, easily and securely

It’s not your core business to chase up medical information, so SureMed does this on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you. With SureMed you simply identify the health information you need, and from which provider, and we take care of the collection, follow-ups and payments. SureMed’s use of high standard encryption means that consumers’ confidential information is well protected.

Fast, accurate information

A streamlined workflow between you and health providers means that the required health information comes back in days, not weeks.

Increase productivity

We chase up the information and pay the health providers on your behalf, so your team can focus on their core role.

Reduce cost

SureMed’s streamlined provider payment and invoice reconciliation eliminates double payments and duplicate medical requests.

Protect confidential information

Robust physical, electronic and management processes protect sensitive information, providing peace of mind for you, the information provider and your client.

More time to focus on your clients

Easy management of all health information requests in a single place means you can focus more time on delivering better client outcomes.

Make better informed business decisions

Digitise your workflow and receive regular data insights and reporting across new business and claims operations.

Key features

Create, receive and manage all health information requests from your web-browser or even from your own systems.

Completely electronic experience for you
Outsourced follow-ups and payments
Health sector integration
Single access point
Digitisation and data insights
Multi-layered information security
Network relationship and management
Automated delivery of requests

Information Security

We take security of information very seriously. Konnect NET undergoes annual security audits run by government approved independent vendors, is compliant with NZ privacy laws, and its security standards meet the requirements of international banks and insurance companies.​

Privacy is protected with multiple layers of security

Challenge-response authorisation
Authenticated users
Role-based access control
Passwords and passphrases
Data Encryption
Virus Scanning
Data Retention Policy
Audit Logs

How it works

Case Study

Since 2010, there have been over 1.5 Million health information exchanges between insurers and health providers through SureMed. All NZ GP Practices and NZ’s major Life Insurers now use SureMed.

Here’s how it has transformed the industry:

Getting started is easy

We’ll take the necessary steps to ensure you’ll have complete confidence when starting.
  1. Requirements
    We work with you to determine which features will suit your workflow for best results.
  2. Health Info Request Templates 
    You choose which health info request templates you’d like on your selection list.
  3. Health network set-up
    You will have access to our entire health provider network and if you have any information providers that are not on our database, we can set them up for you.
  4. User set-up and training
    We set up your user accounts, provide training and ongoing support.
Pilot options are also available. Get in touch to find out more.

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