Helping health providers respond to insurance requests - quickly and securely

Industry standard in New Zealand. Used by 99.9% of NZ GPs and all major NZ Life insurers.

Cut out the time and hassle from completing insurance information requests

SureMed makes dealing with the countless number of information requests from third parties fast, easy and secure. Our standardised process and single point of contact makes the process much more efficient for you and your staff. Best of all, we offer this at no charge to you.

Reduced manual tasks

Our user-friendly and streamlined electronic system reduces manual tasks and rework to free up valuable staff time.

Less interruptions

Benefit from just one contact point and one standard workflow instead of being constantly interrupted by dozens of different third-party workflows and follow-ups.

Better value for time spent

SureMed has reduced the average time it takes for a doctor to complete a request by over 70%. Practices love the reduced paperwork cost.

Get paid faster

SureMed's easy invoice reconciliation and automated billing functionality has helped reduce payment cycles from over 60 days to just 5 on average.​

Protect confidential information

Have peace of mind that your patients' health information is encrypted and seen only by those authorised and required to view it.

Quicker insurance outcomes for your patients

Faster medical request turnaround times mean that your patient's insurance claim or application for cover is actioned quicker.

Key features

Standardised workflow

One easy workflow, a standardised request format and a single point of contact for all third-party requests.

Multi-layered security

Multiple electronic security layers as well as physical and management processes in place to protect confidential information.

Multiple response options

Receive and respond to requests directly from your clinical software or use our secure web-based portal. Fax and Mail are also supported.

Automated invoicing

We promptly pay all health providers on behalf of insurers using an easy invoice reconciliation system and auto-billing.

Smart forms

Clinical integrated smart forms enable a paperless experience with information pre-population. And questionnaires can be completed directly on screen.

Friendly support staff

Our friendly customer service team will be your representatives for multiple third-parties and will also address any training or technical difficulties you may have.

Patient privacy

We take security of information very seriously. Konnect NET undergoes annual security audits run by government approved independent vendors, is compliant with NZ privacy laws, and its security standards meet the requirements of international banks and insurance companies.

Patient information is seen only by those authorised and required to view it and is protected by multiple layers of security:

Authenticated users
Role-based access control
Passwords and passphrases
Challenge-response authorisation
Data Encryption
Virus Scanning
Data Retention Policy
Audit Logs

How to get started

When responding to SureMed requests you’ll want to ensure you’re using a secure channel that’s designed to reduce administrative hassle for you.

PMS integration is the best option for users of Medtech, Indici and MyPractice, otherwise we recommend you log in to our portal. To learn more, call 0800 566 632 or email

New and improved version available for Medtech

SureMed now has an updated version available for General Practices using Medtech. Built with the latest technology, we’ve addressed some of the issues identified in the past, and made it easier for you to give us feedback for further enhancements.

Case Study

Since 2010, there have been over 1.5 Million health information exchanges between insurers and health providers through SureMed. All NZ GP Practices and NZ’s major Life Insurers now use SureMed.

Here’s how it has transformed the industry:

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