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Making it easier to do business with insurance companies

As a healthcare professional your time is best spent delivering services to your patients. So we’ve designed our products in such a way to reduce administration hassle and add security to your client’s health information – letting you focus on what’s important.

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Streamlining insurance health information requests so you can spend more time focusing on what’s important

SureMed makes dealing with the countless number of information requests from third parties fast, easy and secure. Our standardised process and single point of contact for these requests has made this process much more efficient for you and your staff. And best of all we offer this at no charge to you.

Why use SureMed?

  • Get paid much faster
  • Peace of mind knowing that your patients’ information is protected
  • Easier forms reduces your time spent doing paperwork
  • One point of contact for all third party requests so that you do not have multiple interruptions

How does it work?

  • Requests are sent directly into your clinical software. Or, if you prefer, you can receive requests by fax or through our secure portal
  • Sensitive information is encrypted so that only authorised third party company staff can view it
  • Our friendly customer service team will give you reminders during the process and also address any training technical issues you may have
  • You then invoice Konnect NET for all the requests and we make a single, itemised payment to you on behalf of the multiple insurance companies you send medical information to

“It is helping us make big cost and time savings. Any time the doctors can save is always a bonus. And my reception front line staff aren’t being held up doing photocopying when their time is under such pressure and can be much better used.”

Dale Shepherd, Pakuranga Medical Centre

“…it saves time for the Doctor, we are confident of the security involved around the process, the requests are addressed promptly – in all an excellent service.”

Narelle deFrere, Hastings Health Centre

Insurance Service Referrals

Get more quality work done by digitising your insurance referral tasks

Managing your workload from insurers has never been easier. Konnect NET smooths the process of dealing with multiple third parties requesting your services and provides you with a way to securely and easily manage these interactions.

Why should I use Konnect NET for Insurance Service Referrals?

  • Faster processing of your invoices
  • Security of patient information
  • A single easy process for dealing with numerous third party funders

How does it work?

  • The insurer uploads all the information you need to deliver your services. The ability to add notes further enhances the communication between you and the insurer
  • Once ready, you upload reports, case notes and invoices through the same portal. Files are encrypted and password protected
  • We promptly process invoices and manage payments on behalf of the insurer
  • Our friendly customer support team offers training and technical support at any time

“Working like a dream, loving the service!”

Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professional


Receive insurance approvals quicker and easier

Send pre-approval requests to health insurers electronically and directly, so that you can get a quicker response and remove some hassle from your patients.

Why Pre-Approvals with Konnect NET?

  • Quicker decision making by the insurer
  • Security of your patients’ health information
  • Faster processing of your invoices
  • An easy, hassle-free experience for your patient

How does it work?

  • You complete the electronic pre-approval form via our secure portal, which is then electronically delivered to the insurer
  • The insurer sends approval back through the same portal, and an auto-email to your administration staff confirms the approval
  • Once the service is delivered, you simply send your invoice directly through the portal, allowing you to be paid quickly