Informed consent made clear and easy

Konnect NET’s e-Consent makes the informed consent process easier and more robust for insurance consumers, health providers, insurers and advisers.

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Developed in consultation with the New Zealand Medical Association
Finalist in the 2016 ANZIIF Insurance Awards for Innovation of the year
Alignment with the Electronic Transactions Act 2002

Have peace of mind knowing that your customer has been sufficiently informed

Better informed

More certainty that your customer fully understands what they've consented to.

Robust security

Confirmation of identity through the use of secure tokens and on-device signatures.

Full audit trail

Full audit trail and record of who did what and when, to provide further robustness to the process.

Easier consumer experience

An easier and more modern experience for consumers.

Can be completed and signed on computer, mobile phone or tablet

A problem solved

Our customers and platform users told us 3 fundamental problems with consent processes used today:

1. Hard-copy consent is slow and burdensome.
2. Some health providers had trouble confirming the customer’s true understanding of what they were consenting to.
3. Some health providers have their own additional process to capture consent from their customers. At times this is verbal, undocumented consent which is somewhat risky from a medico-legal perspective.

These combined to make a process that can be slow, producing a poor experience for advisers, doctors and insurance customers when applying for insurance cover or making a claim.

We took it upon ourselves to create a market standard solution that addresses this issue and that can be used by all insurance companies. At the same time, lending confidence to health providers that their patient has been sufficiently informed.

Future-proof your consent process today

Free for our Suremed customers*

*Please note that a small set-up fee applies if you want to use your own wording.