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Claims Personnel

Enabling you to deliver the best possible claims experience for your customers

As a claims professional your time is best spent ensuring a great customer experience and robust claim outcomes. To help with this we’ve designed our products in a way that makes it easier and more secure for you to exchange information with health providers and request health services faster.

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SureMed (for claims)

Streamline the gathering of information needed to assess a claim

SureMed makes it easy for you to get the information you need from healthcare providers to support your customer claims. You simply make the request through our portal and we take responsibility to retrieve that information on your behalf – securely, electronically and quickly.

Why use SureMed?

  • Get the health information you need faster
  • Peace of mind that sensitive information is protected
  • Eliminate the hassle of chasing up information
  • Set prices give you certainty of spend and we take care of all provider payments on your behalf
  • Access to GPs, specialists and hospitals through a single portal

How does it work?

  • Through our portal you choose the information you need and the provider(s) you need it from. This is then immediately delivered to the intended provider
  • Integration with doctors’ clinical software allows our forms to immediately retrieve relevant information. The doctor simply reviews, edits and sends back once happy
  • The completed report is then delivered to you as an encrypted PDF, through the same portal you requested it from
  • Your team has visibility of all transactions sent, and only authorised users can view the medical information received back
  • Our operations support team handles provider queries, and payments on your behalf

“They are fantastic! Honestly, was apprehensive about the process but they make life simpler and I love it!”

Claims officer, Cover-More

SureMed has removed considerable cost and delays from the NZ insurance sector

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Service Referrals

Making it easier for you to provide the right care at the right time for your customers

Insurance claims professionals use Konnect NET to easily purchase any health service they need for their customers’ rehabilitation. We aim to remove delays and hassles from the process so that you can focus your valuable time on enabling great rehabilitation outcomes for your clients.

Why use Konnect NET for Service Referrals?

  • You are freed up to spend time working with your clients and building relationships with key health providers
  • Peace of mind that medical and case information is protected
  • Administrative delays are removed so you can get effective momentum during rehabilitation

How does it work?

  • Send Case Notes, instructions and questions to your healthcare providers via our secure web-based platform
  • Information sent is protected through encryption and passwords
  • The provider uses the same platform to respond and send back the required reports
  • We manage provider payment on your behalf

“I like the security of the referrals – it saves the concern around privacy breaches if I was to send referral documents via email.”

Case Manager, Asteron Life

Electronic Pre-Approvals

Quicker, easier and more accurate pre-approvals for your customers

We convert your paper-based pre-approval process into a quick and easy electronic option for health providers. The smart form allows you to use your business and clinical rules in a way that drives a better experience for you, your customers and the health providers.

Why use Konnect NET for Pre-Approvals?

  • Receive pre-approvals electronically and in a complete state, meaning much less processing time and rework
  • Drive a great customer experience by saving your customer from administration tasks and through quicker decisions
  • Increase productivity of your claims team
  • Make it easier for health providers to do business with you

How does it work?

  • The provider completes your electronic pre-approval form and submits to you on behalf of your client
  • You approve through the same platform and this is sent immediately to the provider
  • Integration with your systems can enable automated processing and decision making
  • Provider invoices / claims are in turn sent back via our service. We manage the payment process on your behalf


Informed consent made clear and easy

Konnect NET’s e-Consent makes the informed consent process easier and more robust for insurance consumers, health providers, insurers and advisers.