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Deliver an even better customer experience by removing rework and speeding up turnaround times

Cut out frustrating administration tasks so you can spend more time ensuring your customers are happy. At no cost to Advisers, we provide a single point where you can submit electronic applications and have visibility of work in the pipeline.

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Track and Trace

Easily track the status of your clients’ insurance medical requests

Track and Trace keeps you in the loop as you get full visibility of the status of medical information requests for your customers.

Why use Track and Trace?

  • Removes the hassle of having to constantly follow up with underwriters and GP practices
  • Plan with more certainty knowing the up-to-date turnaround times for each medical practice
  • Reduce confusion with direct communication with the insurance personnel involved in the application process

How does it work?

  • Real-time updates on the status of your clients’ medical request
  • View the average turnaround times for all medical practices in New Zealand
  • Send notes and tasks to insurance staff directly involved in the application process

“Konnect NET’s Track and Trace is a really good way for us to follow the progress of applications.”

Adviser at a Large Insurance Adviser Organisation


Reduce re-work and application turnaround times with e-App

Advisers who use e-App can deliver applications more securely and more completely to the insurance teams. This means faster turnaround and more time to spend working with customers.

Why use e-App?

  • Quicker turnaround times and higher conversion rate
  • Reduced re-work and double handling of files
  • Improved information quality meaning faster underwriting decisions and earlier payment for you
  • Peace of mind that your clients’ information is protected

How does it work?

  • Access via a web browser
  • Application forms are available as electronic smart forms that only show the relevant questions
  • Delivers your applications in easy-to-read PDFs branded to your business
  • Information is protected through secure network connections, passwords entropy and encryption
  • Better information with features such as the GP look-up which helps you identify your client’s correct GP details

“e-App is brilliant. It is easy to use and looks professional to my clients as a pdf of their personal statement with my logo on it.”

Chris George, Personal Insurance Specialist and Director

“Largely eliminates the need for further clarification of information provided by customers, by attracting more comprehensive and relevant disclosure through targeted and drilled questioning.”

Paul Broeders, Senior Underwriter at The Co-operative Bank