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Our range of products can work together or as standalone solutions. Let’s talk about your digital strategy and how our offerings can align with the metrics that matter to you.


Electronic application forms that boost conversion rates.

Paperless, informed consent that’s clear, easy and robust.

GP Look-up integration
Our comprehensive NZ GP database integrated into your form for real-time validation of client GP details providing first-time accuracy. 

Receive and Process

Integration of e-App into Underwriting Workbench
Speed up application processing by pre-populating data from applications into your systems and enable task automation with your rules.

Customer Forms
Interact with your customer directly with secure digital forms that they can complete easily and quickly on their own device.

Get medical information for underwriting

Obtain customer health information securely, easily and quickly for underwriting purposes.

Integration between Underwriting Workbench and SureMed
SureMed information delivered directly into your workbench  – speeding up your turnaround.

Track and Trace
Keep advisers in the loop by allowing them to see the status of their clients’ SureMed requests, reducing your incoming calls.

Claim Notification and Submission

Adviser notification
A simple and secure online notification form completed by your distribution team, helping you respond quickly to a potential claim.

Digital Claim Forms
Enable your customers to complete the correct claim form  digitally on their own device, for a fast response and hassle-free, digital experience.

Requirements Collection

SureMed (for claims)
Obtain customer health information securely, easily and quickly for assessing claims.

Integration between Claims Workbench and Suremed
Cut down the time it takes to assess claims with automated decision assistance and pre-population of data from Claims Workbench to SureMed.

Paperless, informed consent that’s clear, easy and robust.

Case Management

Service Referrals
Enhance your customers’ rehabilitation through smarter network collaboration.

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