Digital claims

Boost client rehabilitation

Enhance client rehabilitation and reduce the admin expense that comes with it by digitising your claims processes.

A smooth digital claims journey

We offer a digital solution to enable a seamless and secure rehabilitation pathway for your clients.

Key benefits

Superior rehabilitation

Form a rehab plan quicker than ever, collaborate with your provider network in smarter and safer ways, and track and influence rehab progress with ease.

Reduce your operational expense

Spend less on administration with a completely digital experience and outsourcing your health provider payments.

Stronger healthcare relationships

We've established good relationships with over 99% of New Zealand's Medical Practices and a wide range of other health providers - built on ten years of daily contact.

Privacy protection

Our stakeholders deal with people’s sensitive health information and it’s essential that we go above and beyond to protect this data while it’s being exchanged. Our physical, electronic and management processes are dedicated to protecting this information.

Optimise business performance

The right information, fast and first time enables you to transform your operations and focus even more on key outcomes. And apply your unique business and contract rules for even greater efficiency and impact.

Better client claims experience

Convert time wasted on administration into valuable time with your client through digitisation and automation of administrative tasks.

Enabled by three products

Powerful on their own, even better together.
We digitise, streamline and add security to your health information exchanges.


Get the health information you need quickly, easily and securely to help you progress your rehabilitation plan

Service Referrals

Easily purchase any health service you need for your client’s rehabilitation

Customer Forms

Easily and securely get digital updates and assessments from your clients to help with engagement and rehabilitation progress

Enhance the claims experience

Let’s chat about your business goals and how we could potentially collaborate in the digital claims space.

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