A career with us

We do better together

It really is the people that make Konnect NET the kind of company that it is. We maintain an open culture in which everyone is a hands-on contributor. Our people understand that it is their contribution that gets us where we need to go, and we are going there at lightning speed! Our culture is about innovation, integration and collaboration, and at Konnect NET, our people lead the way.

Why work for us?

The best thing about working at Konnect NET is that you get to work with a team of insanely talented and passionate people every day. They love what they do. They know that they make a difference.

There are big opportunities! As our business grows so will your skills and your career.


A bit more about who we are…

Konnect NET provides smart technology and business process solutions for all of the groups involved in the insurance process; insurers, their customers, financial advisers, and health-care providers.

Everyone wins with Konnect NET’s model – it’s faster, more secure and more efficient than the typical paper-based approach, it drives better business outcomes for insurers and a better experience for their clients. It frees up GPs and other health-care providers to focus on health care rather than filling out endless forms.

Konnect NET’s first service SureMed was launched in 2010, and is now the ‘industry standard’, used by all major New Zealand life insurance companies and all GP practices in New Zealand.

Konnect NET has a unique model, a collaborative approach to business, and some world class technology. But the main thing that sets us apart and is driving our success, is our people – we have a great team, with a real commitment to our business and our customers, and a belief that everything is solvable.


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