Our Story

Konnect NET was established in 2008 when the founders saw an opportunity for an independent provider to create a faster, more efficient way of managing interactions across communities of users involved in the insurance process.

All major insurers and General Practitioner practices in New Zealand now manage insurance medical requests through Konnect NET’s SureMed solution. Impressive results have been delivered by the service, which has removed much of the paper and cost from the process, and improved turnaround times from 20+ days to 5 days (average).

From this initial idea the business and service offering has continued to grow, creating a strong position in New Zealand, and a platform for expansion into Australia and other markets.

Konnect NET’s primary customers are insurers and banks, but the model is equally relevant to other organisations that need an intelligent interface with internal or external business networks to fulfil key processes.

We have more recently developed solutions for the Insurance claims sector broadening our health provider network beyond GPs to create improved workflows for claims teams and health providers who play an important role in the well being of their customers.

In 2018 Konnect NET joined the leading global healthcare technology and services specialist, Clanwilliam Group. The Dublin-based Clanwilliam Group consists of a number of companies and entrepreneurs across the globe that share its vision to use cutting-edge technology to improve healthcare for everyone. Konnect NET has always been about freeing up time for insurers and healthcare providers to do what they do best – delivering peace of mind to the people in their care.

Konnect NET's ecosystem statistics

Services requested through our secure platform
30 days
Average health information request turnaround time
Over 1 weeks
Total reduction in the average health information request turnaround time since inception
Insurance staff purchasing services, requesting medical information and receiving electronic applications through our platform
Advisers using our platform to complete electronic applications and track the status of their clients' medical requests
Of GPs securely exchanging medical information through our service
Specialists and Allied Health Practitioners providing services and health information through our platform
Hospitals and District Health Boards in our network